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A New Beginning with Every Birth

We offer holistic care through prenatal, birth, and postpartum seasons. In addition to midwifery care, we offer several related services to the community. Look at the options below and see what will best serve your growing family.

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Complete Midwifery Care

Experience the Midwifery Model of Care with personalized care, emotional and educational supports, and the gentle hands of a midwife you can trust. For a complete overview of what to expect in midwifery care, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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Doula Care

For families birthing with another provider, I offer doula care to give you the encouragement and information that you need to meet your birth goals and feel supported every step of the way. 

Doula options include Antenatal, Labor & Birth, Postpartum, and Bereavement.

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Genetic Screening

Whether you are a known carrier of a genetic condition, or whether you just want to have peace of mind, I offer mobile phlebotomy services for genetic testing through Unity (by Billion to One). With multiple options available based on your health history and personal preferences, there is something for everyone.

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Gender Blood Testing

If you want to prepare for your baby but don't want to wait for an ultrasound, or don't want an ultrasound at all, blood-based gender testing is an option. It can be added to your Unity genetic test, or you can do a gender-only test through Sneak Peak. Both options are available with the convenience of mobile phlebotomy.

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Newborn Hearing Screen

I am qualified by the state to offer Newborn Hearing Screens up to 6 weeks of age and offer this service in the convenience of your own home. No matter who you birthed with, this service is available to you for a meager travel fee.

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Mother Baby Bonding

Lactation Counseling

Having trouble with breastfeeding? I can meet with you in your home to provide insight, education, and suggestions for you and your baby.

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