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What to Expect

My Philosophy: "Midwives have skilled hands and know when to sit on them." (Original speaker unknown)

I believe that for the majority of families, birth is a normal, physiologic process that rarely needs intervention. For those instances of required intervention, I am ready to assist and ensure that mom and baby both remain safe and cared for. Sometimes that means managing a complication at home, and other times that could mean making good use of local resources by changing location and enlisting the help of medical staff. But for the most part, with reasonable monitoring, very little clinical assistance is required to have a safe and healthy birth at home. This does not mean that birthing at home is easy, or that it doesn't require work from both midwife and client. But it means that the work we do together will be primarily natural and traditional supports rather than medical intervention. My first-step approach to minor complications is to be the least invasive as possible, and as close to natural as possible. If that does not correct the issue, we might look at less comfortable or more modern means of addressing the issue. But just as a watched pot doesn't boil, I know that meddling needlessly often leads to greater difficulties down the road, and often what families need is peace and privacy. But I am also flexible. If you feel reassured by more monitoring, or a more hands-on approach, I can provide that as well. My default, however, will be to let nature take its course, giving gentle nudges along the way as needed. 

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What about cost?

The cost of care is an important consideration, and my desire is to be transparent about financial matters, so that we are all on the same page and you can make informed decisions about your care. 

Some aspects of payment are covered in more depth on my FAQ page.

Below is a brief overview of my fees.

For a more detailed explanation of what is included in care, please contact me.

Global Midwifery Fee (standard, in-office visits): $5000

Global Midwifery Fee (home visits only, no office): $5500

Doula Care: $1200-1600 (depending on number of pre/post-natal visits)

Postpartum Doula Care: $25/hr (4 hour minimum)

Lactation Counseling: $40/hr 

Bereavement Doula Care: By donation (suggested: $300-500)

Hearing Screen: $60 (included in care for midwifery clients)

Genetic and Gender Testing: $40 Phlebotomy fee + Cost of Test

Other custom visits and consultations available upon request, prices to be set by need.

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